how to sew a door draft stopper

Is your home feeling drafty because of your front/back door? This door draft stopper may be just the thing to keep your home draft free…


Is your home feeling drafty because of your front/back door? This door draft stopper may be just the thing to keep your home draft free and cozy!

Our door isn’t sealing as well as it should, and because of it’s location, it means we end up with a drafty kitchen (one of our main hang out areas).

Until we get the door sorted, I’ve made this door draft stopper which will do just that, stop drafts!

This is a quick sewing project that should have us back to having a draft free home ASAP.

Though I have made and written this as a draft stopper for doors, it would be the same instructions if you had a drafty window you wanted to help temporarily seal.

Keep reading to find out how you can sew this for yourself too!


You will need a heavy duty fabric.

I used an old thick curtain, but I think denim or duck canvas would work well too.


I used sand as I was able to buy a 50-60lb of all-purpose sand from Menards for around $4.00!

I have read that kitty litter can be used, but I was afraid my cat might think it was okay for him to do his business on it. It might be something to be mindful of if you have cats and want to use kitty litter for the filling.

I also have read dry rice and dry lentils being used, though I didn’t have tried this, and it wasn’t a cost effective option for me.

I would have really liked to have used scrap fabric, but I don’t think it would be heavy enough.

Items Needed

Heavy fabric (I used an old curtain)



Sewing Machine

Matching Thread

Upholstery Machine Needle

Knitting Needle/Chopstick (optional)


Large Spoon/Measuring Cup

Funnel/Paper Cone


1. Measure the width and length of your door base, as indicated by the black arrows. Add a couple of inches to each measurement to ensure the draft stopper will fit well (side note: didn’t realize how dirty my door area looked until I took a picture of it with bright lights)

2. Cut two pieces of fabric according to those measurements

3. Put the two pieces of fabric, right sides together.

4. Clip/pin fabric together around one short edge, and both long edges.

5. Sew around the three pinned edges

6. (optional step) Cut of excess seams and clip corners

7. Turn fabric right way round. You may need to use a knitting needle to push out corners

8. Using the funnel (I used a paper cone) in the open edge, fill the tube will sand, leaving a gap of 3-4 inches at the top

9. Tuck in the open edge by approximately 0.5 inch and top sew closed

10. Vacuum up that sand!

11. Congratulations, you are have sewn your own door draft stopper. Arrange your door draft stopper as desired!

This is a very quick project, and if you aren’t stopping to take pictures and video of every step like I did, it should take around 20 minutes.

If you try this project, please please please share it with me! You could email me at [email protected], or contact me via social media. As always, feel free to leave a comment below!

Wishing you all the cozy magic!

Blessed be,